The Danger of NOT Taking Time Off (And The Consequence of Doing it Poorly!) FS280

Are you struggling to find time to relax and unwind? Does your business take it all out of you and leave nothing left? Could you really do with a break or a holiday?

Here at Fizzle we believe that down-time and relaxation are vital to the success of your business and that sometimes the best thing for a business can be for the entrepreneur to take a break.

In this episode we unpack the idea of taking time off, whether it is a vacation, some time away from your desk or just some quality time with your family. We discuss how to balance the spheres of your life to get the optimum work done when you are grinding!

We also talk about digital addiction, burnout , engagement and intention, email inboxes and making the most of your allotted energy. No matter how urgent getting a task done seems, it is paramount that you do not always prioritize work.

For this exciting, healthy and enriching discussion be sure to tune in!

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Key Points From This Episode:

  • Restorative practices for entrepreneurs. [0:05:14.8]
  • Sensitivity to the natural ebbs and flows that occur in life. [0:08:59.1]
  • Recognizing these limitations to your abilities and allowing helpful downtime. [0:11:31.3]
  • The dangers of digital addiction and managing our online usage. [0:13:31.7]
  • Work-life balance and being really honest with yourself. [0:16:58.6]
  • The importance of engagement and intention with your surroundings. [0:19:11.9]
  • Working faster and better when you are rested and relaxed. [0:22:57.9]
  • Using the finite amount of energy that you have been allotted. [0:27:49.2]
  • The danger of burning out in light of external pressures. [0:31:28.5]
  • A lesson from Twitter on how to manage your online presence. [0:39:01.2]
  • The difference between what you ought to do and you want to do. [0:41:29.1]
  • The significance of your email inbox. [0:44:01.2]
  • Digital detox, burnout prevention and taking a vacation for your business. [0:50:02.6]
  • Escaping the feeling that your business is a house of cards. [0:53:54.9]
  • Parting advice for making healthy decisions for you and your work. [0:57:30.2]
  • And much more!

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