Avoid This Surprisingly Common Recipe for Creepy Content

Ready Player One has been called pure “nostalgic nerd-bait” by film critics, but that’s not the only reason it earned 0 million worldwide in just its first week. It follows some very well-worn blueprints of blockbuster filmmaking that its iconic director, Steven Spielberg, practically invented. From the high-energy title sequence to the quintessential Spielbergian finale, […]

Google confirms rolling out a broad core search algorithm update earlier this week

Google has confirmed rumors that a search algorithm update took place on Monday. Some sites may have seen their rankings improve, while others may have seen negative or zero change. The post Google confirms rolling out a broad core search algorithm update earlier this week appeared first on Search… Please visit Search Engine Land for […]

Why Geo-targeting Your Website Content Is a No-brainer (and 3 Ways to Try It This Afternoon)

We all know marketing campaigns convert best when we segment and personalize them – which is where geo-targeting can come into play. In fact, a whopping 74% of consumers get frustrated on sites where the content has nothing to do with their interests, and 86% of customers say personalization impacts their purchase decisions. The good […]

This scene in ‘A Quiet Place’ looks like it’s straight from ‘The Office’

John Krasinki directs and stars in A Quiet Place, a horror film about a family that has to be quiet to survive sound-seeking monsters. It seems as if he paid tribute to one of his early career productions by throwing in a reference to The Office. And, of course, the internet has some thoughts about […]

This is Mark Zuckerberg’s prepared statement for Congress

Ahead of Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony before Congress on Wednesday, the House Energy and Commerce Committee has released the Facebook CEO’s prepared statement. In it, Zuckerberg explains that Facebook has always been an optimistic organization, focusing on connecting people and giving them a voice. But Zuckerberg also admits that the idealist train of thought might have […]

This ingenious typeface seamlessly blends Braille and text

Japanese designer Kosuke Takahashi created a universal typeface that acts as Braille for everyone. Read more… More about Design, Mashable Video, Japan, Social Good, and Braille Social Media

Struggling to Finish Your Blog Post? Try This Quick Editing Tip

Publishing content regularly — and striving to improve with each new creation — is a proven way to figure out how to serve your audience and meet your business goals. But I have other things to do besides writing content, and you do too. Recently, I had trouble finishing a draft of a post and […]

This adorable mesh router is ideal for homes with crappy Wi-Fi — and it’s $70 off today

19th century problems: Waiting forever for your cross-country train to make it to California. 21st century problems: Waiting forever for a YouTube video to load. SEE ALSO: Save up to 0 on a new MacBook Pro at Best Buy through April 7 If you’re tired of seeing the buffering symbol on your device spin for […]

Can you build a better successor for Facebook? This competition wants you

For millions of people, Facebook replaced MySpace years ago. But what comes next? While people ponder over whether they should delete Facebook in light of the Cambridge Analytica debacle, a competition called the OpenBook Challenge wants entrants to create a successor for the beleaguered social network. SEE ALSO: Even the founder of WhatsApp thinks you […]

Street Fighter II’s world warriors fight on actual streets in this Apple ARKit demo

Though roughly 2,000 apps are now using Apple’s ARKit, the iOS augmented reality feature has been looking for its killer app — and may have found it. Developer Abhishek Singh rebuilt Capcom’s groundbreaking one-on-one fighting game Street Fighter II using ARKit, audio from the original game, and 3D character models from Street Fig…Read More Social – […]