This Changes Everything: How AI Is Transforming Digital Marketing

Will artificial intelligence (AI) put marketers out of work? It’s a question I’m seeing a lot lately, and to me, it’s a strange one. It’s like if everyone 150 years ago was asking: “Will the tractor put farmers out of work?” Of course, John Deere didn’t put farmers out of business; better tools just made […]

Fix This Writing Mistake to Engage Readers with the Right Challenges

In college, there are three kinds of classes. First, there’s the blow-off classes, where 80 percent of your grade comes from fill-in-the-blank worksheets. To pass, all you really have to do is show up. Then, there are the classes taught by “real hardasses.” These classes kept you up well past midnight, flipping frenetically through flashcards, […]

The cold won’t stop this swimmer

‘Wild swimmer,’ Norman Todd, braves the icy cold waters of the Scottish Highlands for his workout. Read more… More about Sports, Mashable Video, Cold, Swimming, and Scotland Social Media

Here’s why your Instagram and Facebook feeds are looking bare this morning

Were your Facebook and Instagram feeds looking pretty bare this morning? Fear not, you still have friends. The real reason was actually a massive global outage on Instagram and Facebook which hit the social networks late Thursday.  Per DownDetector, the Facebook outage affected users in the U.S., UK, Mexico and parts of South America, with […]

This family took on the TidePod challenge and it’s not what you think

The Oribello family in Colorado pretended to take part in the Tide Pod Challenge by swapping out the detergent pods for frosted treats. The family claims to have posted the video to raise awareness of the dangers of eating TidePods. Some in the comment section praised them for their successful prank, while others criticized their […]

This Simple Process Can Eliminate Four of Your Biggest Content Creation Nightmares

Trying to continually strike a balance between creating engaging, high-quality content and producing it at scale can seem like a bad dream. But here’s a proven process to help you dispel four common content creation nightmares. Read the full article at MarketingProfs MarketingProfs Daily: Content

Why This Art Director Is Ditching Design for Text-Only Emails

Sometimes the stripped-down version works best. Like the acoustic version of your favorite song. Or the Instagram photo with zero filters. Or the film without the 3D effects. But can the same be said about email design? In this episode of “Win at Email Design,” I discuss the pros and cons of stripping away images, […]

Telefónica will bring 5G to Spain this year, kicking off EU’s next-gen cellular race

Telefónica, Spain’s largest mobile carrier, announced today that it will begin the 5G rollout process this year by transforming two Spanish cities into “5G living laboratories.” Under the 5G Technological Cities Project, Nokia and Ericsson will work with Telefónica from 2018 through 2020 to develop initial 5G capacity, deployments, and use cases to benefit both citizens […]

#SocialSkim: Coping With Facebook Changes; WhatsApp Business App Launched: 10 Stories This Week

Your social strategy in the wake of Facebook’s big algorithm change; WhatsApp launches its business app; Snapchat users unhappy with redesign; Facebook’s plans to become more local & declutter Messenger; micro-influencer gold; Facebook’s interactive Watch Parties… Read the full article at MarketingProfs MarketingProfs Daily: Content

#SocialSkim: Facebook’s Sweeping Algorithm Change; LinkedIn’s Repositioning: 11 Stories This Week

Facebook’s biggest algorithm change in years; LinkedIn’s campaign to reposition; networks that Americans want to see gone; LinkedIn has new competition in Ripple; leaked Snapchat data; a new network to combat the echo chamber; more! Read the full article at MarketingProfs MarketingProfs Daily: Content