Why smart service businesses use Email Automation

Email Automation helps service-based business owners like you connect with your customers and drive results in a timely, personalized, relevant way. You set up a series of timed emails that are automatically delivered based on predefined triggers, such as whether or not contacts have opened or clicked a link in an email. Instead of poring over […]

The best unsubscribe email is the one you don’t send

If you’re still sending unsubscribe confirmations, you’re likely just annoying people. Contributor Ryan Phelan offers some better options for staying in touch. The post The best unsubscribe email is the one you don’t send appeared first on Marketing Land. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article. Marketing Land – Internet Marketing News, Strategies & […]

251: What You Should Know About Getting Started with Email

Everything You Need to Know About Getting Started with Email Have people been telling you for years that you need to create an email list for your blog? Is it time to finally bite the bullet? Let’s talk about email – how to get started, email providers, types of messages, opt-ins, and sequences or auto-responders. […]

3 Simple Ways to Get Started with Action-Based Email Automation

A few weeks ago, I polled more than 2,500 of our subscribers to find out if they were using automation tools in their email marketing. Sixty-two percent said, “nope.” That got me wondering, “Why the heck not?” After all, automation can increase leads, conversions, and revenue, and it can save you time. The stats prove […]

Weak Email Marketing and Nickelback Have Less in Common than You Might Think

I’ve never admitted this to anyone before: I don’t always change the radio station right away when a Nickelback song comes on. See? That first line wasn’t hyperbole. How embarrassing. Here’s about how far I’ll let “How You Remind Me” play before finding something else to listen to: “Never made it as a wise man […]

New in AWeber! Connect Your Email Marketing with More Than 100 New Apps

This past month, we’ve been hyper-focused on connecting your email marketing with all the other tools you use to run your business. (Think: eCommerce platforms, website and blog builders, scheduling apps, and more!) Plus, we’ve added updates to our mobile Stats app and subscriber management options. Keep reading to find out all the awesome ways […]

How to use VerticalResponse sign-up forms to grow your email list

You’re creating engaging email newsletters, offers and invitations for your audience on a regular basis. What now? To help your email marketing efforts reach more people, you need to continually grow your list. But how can you get people to subscribe to your email list when you’re strapped for time? With VerticalResponse, you can use our free […]

12 Exceptional Newsletters That Will Change Your Approach to Email Forever

The best email newsletters provide value and captivate subscribers week after week. That’s how smart email marketers get their audience to open, click, and share their newsletter again and again. But how do you consistently produce and deliver an engaging newsletter? A little inspiration from the most successful email newsletters can help! The AWeber team […]

Learn from the Masters! 16 Successful Entrepreneurs Share Their #1 Email Tip

Almost 150,000 emails are sent every minute. Talk about steep competition in the inbox. But there are certain marketers whose messages rise above the rest. They’re the ones with amazing open and click-through rates, ever-growing email lists, and ridiculously high ROI (return on investment). So how do these masters do it? To find out, we […]

How ProtonMail is pushing email privacy standards

FEATURE: Rumors of email’s demise have been greatly exaggerated. While the “age-old” communication conduit may have new rivals, it is showing little sign of letting up. In 2017, active email users stood at 3.7 billion globally, a figure that’s expected to hit 4.1 billion by 2021, according to research firm Radicati. Last yea…Read More Social […]