Create Content Success with a Cohesive Content Experience

One of my favorite things about content marketing is the ability to create an experience. Instead of buying a single ad, you can use different kinds of content to do different work strategically. This week on Copyblogger, we shared ways content can create an experience for your audience and help you strategically move people in […]

WordStream Takes Home a Content Marketing Award!

Some kids dream about hitting a 480-foot tater over the Green Monster. Other kids dream about triumphantly sticking the stars and stripes into the surface of Mars. Pretty standard stuff. And then there’s the kids on the fringe of society. The ones whose harrowing, hawkish stares tell you it’s a good idea to cross to […]

The Content Path: Moving from Attention to Action

We work so hard to get attention. We craft our headlines to make them irresistible. We strive to display enticing images that make a great first impression. If we’re Copyblogger readers, we think about finding that perfect balance of meaning and fascination that will pull our audience right into our content. But what do we […]

How to Hook Your Ideal Prospect with Content that Connects

When it comes down to it, “content” is simply information. And in an age of information (and opinion) overload, your content can contain incredibly valuable information and still be easily ignored. This is the opposite of the “clickbait” problem. In that case, you have a compelling headline that leads to worthless information. The ideal scenario […]

Facebook: ‘Turning a blind eye to bad content is not in our commercial interests’

Facebook has responded to allegations that emerged over the weekend claiming the company turns a blind eye to controversial Pages if they have a lot of followers — because they generate a lot of revenue. The latest scandal comes just a few months after Facebook published its internal guidelines for how it enforces content takedowns. The […]

The Top Sites Driving Referral Traffic, by Content Category

Google and Facebook dominate referral traffic to all types of online content, but the proportion of visits driven by each varies significantly by topic, according to recent research from Read the full article at MarketingProfs MarketingProfs Daily: Content

Is Your Content Strategy Heading in the Right Direction? Four-Steps to Make Sure It Does.

Is your content marketing strategy working as hard as it should be and achieving your goals? Here’s how to audit your content to ensure it’s moving your customers–and your ROI–in the right direction. Read the full article at MarketingProfs MarketingProfs Daily: Content

What Does ‘Quality’ Really Mean in Content Marketing?

Have you heard the good news about quality content? It’s the latest innovation that’s sweeping the nation. It’s going to revolutionize your content marketing efforts. If your current strategy is to crank out crappy content, then quality content is going to blow your KPIs away! Okay, sarcasm aside: Every content marketer knows their content needs […]

Vivoom turns user-generated content into user-created ads

The Boston-based firm offers a platform that takes the next step for UGC, embedding selected user video inside the brand’s video. The post Vivoom turns user-generated content into user-created ads appeared first on Marketing Land. Please visit Marketing Land for the full article. Marketing Land – Internet Marketing News, Strategies & Tips

7 Trends Dominating Content Marketing in 2018

Whether or not we’re truly in the Golden Age of Content Marketing, one thing is for sure: the once-uphill battle for content marketers to get client or internal buy-in for content strategy, creation and deployment has leveled off. People not only want content, they know they want it, and they’re willing to reward brands that […]