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Celebrating Customer Service Week, One LOL at a Time

It’s National Customer Service Week and we’re so excited, we just can’t hide it! *Cue the “Hip Hip Hooray” chant!* Here at AWeber, we love our customers and we love our AWesome Customer Solutions (CS) team. Put the two together, and that’s A LOT of love. But that’s not all you get – when combined, […]

8 Tips for Creating an Email Newsletter Your Subscribers Will Love

Running a successful business involves more than just promoting and selling a product. For your company to thrive, you must establish relationships with customers that continue after the sale. Email newsletters can help you connect with your customers. To be effective, newsletters must be carefully crafted and offer something of value to your customers. Today’s […]

[Podcast] Episode 40: Highlights From Our Most Downloaded Podcast Episodes

In this podcast episode, listen in on clips from our top 10 most popular episodes to date (as ranked by your downloads) in a curated Ask Me About Email Marketing clip show! Join Tom T. as he reflects on the inspiring guests and content we explored over the course of the past 40 episodes. Curious as to what […]

6 Ways To Grow Your Email List that Prove You Don’t Need a Website

Growing an email list isn’t just for those with visually captivating, multi-page websites. It’s for anyone who wants to use email to engage their audience and grow their business. And considering that email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter, you definitely don’t want to put your list growth […]

This Running Coach’s Secret to Building an Engaged Community

When Jill Angie, running coach and founder of Not Your Average Runner, first hit the pavement, her primary goal was to get fit. As she struggled with maintaining her newfound hobby over the next couple of years, she had an epiphany that would forever change not only her perspective on running, but her career and […]

The 4 Best Ways To Grow Your Email List with Blogging

The following is a guest blog post from Martin Zhel, author at MailMunch and CEO and founder of Orior Creative. He helps startup companies grow their traffic, leads and revenue with the power of content marketing.  One of the great things about blogging is that it perfectly fits into so many other digital marketing strategies you […]

The 3 Commandments of Sign Up Form Design

Imagine this scenario for a moment: You just finished creating the perfect email sign up form. You’ve written compelling copy, offer a valuable lead magnet and display it on every page of your blog. But as you sit at your computer waiting for the email subscribers to flow in, little happens. Your conversion rates are low, and you […]

[Podcast] Episode 39: The Non-Marketer’s Guide to Getting 100 Subscribers with Andy Obusek

Ah, yes! The first 100 subscriber mark. It is quite possibly the most rewarding benchmark in your email marketing adventures. If you haven’t gotten there yet, that’s not a problem! This episode is just for you. Join Tom T. as he chats with fellow AWeber team member, Andy Obusek of, to dig into how […]

9 Ways to Grow Your Email List With Twitter

So your email list is starting to grow, but you really want to really get the ball rolling. Have you considered Twitter as an opportunity to get even more email subscribers? Today, forty-two percent of people learn about products and services via Twitter, and forty-one percent provide their opinions. According to Convince and Convert, Twitter […]

[Podcast] Take Action With This Bonus Audio Series

In this bonus four-part mini-series of the Ask Me About Email Marketing podcast, AWeber’s Tom T. talks with Digital Marketing Strategist Ernest Barbaric about facing our entrepreneurial fears, getting unstuck, staying focused and taking action. Each week on the podcast, we hear from some amazing digital and email marketers – but the content is typically focused on […]