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4 reasons Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto still aren’t ubiquitous

ANALYSIS: Theoretically, pairing a popular smartphone with any new car should be easy: Apple’s and Google’s in-car platforms have been out for nearly four years, and should be ubiquitous by now. But as the Detroit Auto Show (aka NAIAS) demonstrated this week, it’s not that simple — CarPlay and Android Auto are still on shaky ground […]’s Alexa skill is giving people bad dating advice today launched a new Alexa skill that gives people first date advice, and it’s not great — not in every regard at least. The Alexa voice app does deliver some helpful tips, like you may want to wait two days to message someone after the date, and the average person spends around on a first […]

Social VR’s success depends on humans, not headsets

GUEST: The early success of social VR apps like Rec Room and Altspace show us that social VR ventures need to focus on key drivers of human behavior as much as they focus on engineering and 3D UX design. Moreover, the rise and subsequent stagnation of Pokémon Go demonstrate the consequences of ignoring our innate […]

VRChat addresses ‘disrespectful or harmful behavior’ as racism and sexism rise on platform

Social VR platform VRChat has vowed to tackle “disrespectful or harmful behavior” in an open letter to the community. VRChat, which launched early last year, is one of many VR platforms that enables friends and strangers to meet up online and hang out. Unlike many other apps, though, VRChat has users creating their own 3D models […]

Facebook shares slip 4% after News Feed announcement

(Reuters) — Shares of Facebook fell 4 percent on Friday after Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg announced changes to the platform’s centerpiece News Feed that he said would hit user engagement in the near term. Zuckerberg said on Thursday the company would change the filter for the News Feed to prioritize what friends and family share, […]

Apple’s future shouldn’t be at CES, but at global in-store events

Every year, journalists start CES with faint optimism and conclude with disappointment; as the song goes, they thought the future would be cooler. At some point right as the show is ending, someone will typically float Apple — which officially skips CES every year — as either the cause of the show’s boredom or its future […]

Zuckerberg: Facebook engagement will likely decline after News Feed changes that show more posts by friends

Facebook users can expect to see more posts from friends and family in their News Feeds in the coming months, the company announced today. Posts that generate high levels of engagement will also be featured more prominently in the News Feed. Businesses and organizations with Facebook Pages may experience a decline in pageviews and engagement […]

Overwatch League has an exclusive broadcast home: Twitch (update)

If you plan on watching the Overwatch League when its inaugural season kicks off Wednesday, you’d better be sure to tune into one place — and it’s not CBS or ESPN. It’s Twitch. The livestreaming company announced today that it’ll broadcast every match of the Overwatch League. It begins with Wednesday’s 4 p.m. Pacific tilt, […]

‘AR as a feature’ is the best use of AR tech right now, and Amazon gets it

GUEST: ARKit’s release in 2017 unleashed a new category of mobile apps and created a greenfield for mobile app developers. The more than 1,000 AR apps already in the App Store cover a wide range of developers, from big corporations like the NBA and Ikea to indie game developers and independent hackers. In addition to […]

Intuition Robotics nabs Samsung as investor, launches U.S. beta trial of ElliQ companion robot

One year after launching out of stealth, Israeli robotics startup Intuition Robotics has announced a fresh tranche of funding and the launch of a beta program that will introduce its ElliQ robot to homes across California and Florida. Founded in 2015, Intuition Robotics is creating what it calls “social companion technology” for the elderly. Its first product, ElliQ […]