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Slack’s growth is insane, with daily user count up 3.5X in a year

 Plenty of startups have tried and failed to make enterprise software sexy, but Slack made it viral. Its growth rate is unheard of. Both Slack’s daily user count and its paid seat count are up 3.5X in just a year. Tons of people have still never heard of it, but with this momentum, they probably will […]

Slack is work chat’s runaway train, raises $200M at $3.8B

 The Slack rocketship won’t slow down. The business messaging startup has raised $ 200 million at a $ 3.8 billion post-money valuation, the company confirms to TechCrunch. The round was led by Thrive Capital, with participation by GGV, Comcast Ventures and Slack’s existing investors, including Accel, Index Ventures and Social Capital. This brings the total funding for the… […]

Palaround lets anyone build their own Tinder-like app

 Palaround began its life as one of what’s now many companies attempting to be the “Tinder for finding friends” – a list that now includes Tinder’s dating app rival, Bumble, in fact. But recently, the startup began rolling out a new product focused instead on bringing the Tinder swipe model to private organizations. A pivot from the […]

Snapchat was wonky or down for some but it’s back now

 Snapchat wasn’t working correctly for many users, with Stories failing to load or snaps not sending. [Update 5:10pm PST – Snapchat appears to be back for most users after several hours on the fritz{  The outage comes just days after Snapchat released its big Chat 2.0 update that brought stickers and other new features, but possibly […]

Reddit’s missing ‘warrant canary’ suggests classified data requests from feds

 Reddit issued its annual transparency report Thursday morning, listing the amount and type of data requested by various authorities. There’s plenty of interesting info, but perhaps most interesting is what’s not there: the site’s “warrant canary.” Read More Social – TechCrunch

Facebook apologizes for sending Lahore explosion Safety Checks to users in other areas

 Facebook has apologized for accidentally sending Safety Check notifications for the Lahore, Pakistan suicide bombing to people in other areas, including the United States and United Kingdom. Users who got notified by SMS were especially alarmed and confused because the text asked “Have you been affected by the explosion?” but did not say where it […]

5 hard questions facing Oculus Rift

 Today, the future became the present with the launch of Oculus Rift. The reviews are in, but uncertainty hangs overhead with HTC and PlayStation’s VR headsets still on the way. Here are the tough questions that will determine what you should buy, the distribution of power between the platforms and VR’s effect on our lives. Should […]

Snapchat seamlessly combines video, audio, GIFs, stickers in “Chat 2.0”

 Say what you want, how you want. That’s how Snapchat’s reps say CEO Evan Spiegel describes Chat 2.0, a massive set of new features launching today. It lets private conversations morph between mediums depending on what users want to show or tell, and whether they can speak up or must stay silent. As WhatsApp focuses […]

Quora’s first acquisition is Arab Spring instigator’s Q&A site Parlio

 “Ex-con” isn’t normally something you find on a founder’s resume. But Google employee Wael Ghonim went to jail for sparking the Egyptian Revolution. Now he might be wearing some golden handcuffs instead, as his startup Parlio just became Quora‘s first acquisition. Parlio’s goal was to spread knowledge — a similar objective to Quora. But rather than… […]

Tinder acquihires Humin to go beyond dating, and get an SF office too

 Dating app Tinder is acquiring Humin the San Francisco startup which took a high-wire approach to contact management, trying to merge lots of disparate information into one contact app. Terms were undisclosed by TechCrunch understands from multiple sources that this roughly equates to an acqui-hire scenario. Tinder says it is acquiring Humin’s technology and IP, […]