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Velox Media: Providing Matchless Digital Marketing Strategies

In this highly competitive world, every company wants to create their high ranking on search engine and have profitable sales through it. Thus there is a great demand of companies which offer website development and designing services so that you can better your startup or established business through effective marketing strategies. Velox Media is one […]

Walton Street SEO Agency is a team of Search engine optimization specialists

Walton Street SEO Agency, is a proficient group of Search motor improvement experts, online advertisers, software engineers and in addition planners. Our SEO organization highlights a joined 11 years of SEO hands on involvement into all advanced promoting channels including SEO, PPC, Social Media, ORM. We have positioned number of sites into different businesses and […]

Snapchat launches post-roll ads, Story Playlist that loads favorites in bulk

 Snapchat is fighting back against Instagram Stories, which rocketed to 100 million daily users by spotlighting the cloned feature atop the feed. To make Snapchat more “friends first,” it’s moving friends’ Stories above Discover where they used to be to make sure you don’t miss people you care about. And to make it easier to watch […]

Facebook launches standalone “Events” discovery and calendar app

 650 million people use Facebook Events — 100 million every day — but it’s a smaller sect of hardcore extroverts who discover these parties and meetups, then invite everyone else. Now Facebook is giving its most outgoing users a dedicated app for browsing and searching for stuff going on nearby. And thanks to the Facebook […]

WhatsApp races to internationalize Snapchat’s overlaid creative tools

 Every member of the Facebook family of apps is pushing to bring copies of Snapchat’s best features to international audiences before Snapchat blows up abroad. There was the Facebook Camera Feed, Instagram Stories and Messenger Day — and now WhatsApp is cloning Snapchat’s creative tools. Now you’ll be able to add overlaid text with multiple colors and fonts, […]

Twitter finally lets everyone create their own “Moments”

 Finally, finally, Twitter has rolled out a version of its storytelling feature called Moments that it should have released at launch. Today, the company says that it’s opening up the Moments platform so anyone can create their own stories using tweets and photos uploaded to the service. We already knew this day was coming: in August, […]

We’re looking at cyberbullying the wrong way

 A bully is a bully and a troll is a troll, no matter where you go online. For as long as online mass communication has existed, online bullying has existed. To effectively address the issue of cyberbullying, one must not only question the environments that yield such behaviors, but examine how and why the behavior […]

YouTube puts $1M behind Creators for Change

 YouTube might be one of the only communities on earth more eccentric than Silicon Valley. You can find videos of cats pretending to be people, people pretending to be cats, and whatever the hell this is. That said, the site has been home to some incredibly moving and world-changing content. While most of us immediately think […]

Facebook ads still slipping past Adblock Plus via stripped-down code

 The Adblock Plus crowdsourced hacker militia can’t keep up with Facebook’s disciplined army of engineers. When Facebook first announced it would circumvent ad blocking software, Adblock Plus (ABP) built a workaround in two days, boasting that “We promised that the open source community would have a solution very soon…This time that community seems to have gotten… Read […]

Pundit launches an audio social media app for millennials

 Just 2 percent of applicants got accepted to appear in the Startup Battlefield at TechCrunch Disrupt SF; Pundit was one of the teams to make the cut. The company debuted their audio social media platform on stage, presenting it to a panel of judges. Co-founders Billy Shaw Susanto and Chris Aston told TechCrunch that they believe their […]