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How to increase your website traffic

Website traffic means the (amount of) visitors who go to your website. Unless your website is on the internal network for a limited number of users, there is no point of having a website that no one visits. So what are the main traffic sources for a normal website? There are a few that can […]

Twitter is introducing a quality filter to clean up your notifications tab

 Twitter just unveiled a new feature that will let everyone filter low quality notifications from bots and spammers. Twitter has had bullying issues in the past, and the company is now taking actions to make it a more welcoming place. Twitter is wording this new quality filter as a tool to hide notifications from bots […]

Twitter tunes into Spotify to soundtrack its audio cards

 Whistle while you tweet with the new partnership between Twitter and Spotify. Now you can listen to 30-second previews of songs in your timeline and Moments thanks to Twitter’s audio cards that now support Spotify. Twitter first launched audio cards in 2014 with iTunes previews and later worked with SoundCloud. Now the most popular on-demand […]

Photomyne grabs $2.6 million to bring your old photos online

 If you have albums and shoeboxes stuffed with old photos, a startup called Photomyne wants to help you scan those photos, in order to bring them online where they can be saved and shared. Now the Tel Aviv-based company has raised $ 2.6 million in seed funding to continue to grow its business, which today is closing in on […]

62 percent of U.S. adults get their news from social media, says report

 A new study from Pew Research claims that 62 percent of people get their news from social media, with 18 percent doing so very often. As expected, the top social media news source is Facebook. The study claims that two-thirds of Facebook’s user base read their news on the platform, with 59 percent of Twitter […]

Facebook ditches Bing, 800M users now see its own AI text translations

 Machine learning is accomplishing Facebook’s mission of connecting the world across language barriers. Facebook is now serving 2 billion text translations per day. Facebook can translate across 40 languages in 1,800 directions, like French to English. And 800 million users, almost half of all Facebook users, see translations each month. That’s all based on Facebook’s own… […]

Snapchat is raising more money around $20 billion valuation

 Snapchat may have first made its name in the crowded world of mobile apps with an ephemeral messaging service, but the startup and its wildly popular app are not disappearing anywhere soon. TechCrunch has learned from multiple sources that Snapchat is raising yet more financing at around a $ 20 billion valuation. Sources with knowledge of the deal say the social media […]

The Facebook effect: BBC cuts Food site, local news and more factual content to save £15M

 While the BBC is planning to take on Netflix by building its own “Britflix” on-demand video streaming service, on the news front, it looks like the UK media giant is cutting back to shore up its funds and figure out a better way of competing against (or within!) Facebook. Today, the many-tentacled public broadcaster confirmed that it would be closing down and… […]

Stanford quantifies the privacy-stripping power of metadata

 More proof, if proof were needed, of the privacy-stripping power of metadata. A multi-year crowdsourced study, conducted by Stanford scientists and published this week, underlines how much information can be inferred from basic phone logs cross-referenced with other public datasets. Read More Social – TechCrunch

Advertising comes to Twitter’s embedded timelines

 Twitter has been releasing a variety tools for publishing its content beyond Twitter itself. Now it’s giving publishers an additional incentive — monetization through the company’s MoPub ad exchange. Previously, if a web publisher or app developer embedded a timeline from Twitter, they could run ads on the same page, but not on the timeline […]