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7 Ways To Get Your Content Shared On Social Media

When you complete a blog post, you review it before publishing, and finally hit the publish button, the next thing you hope is to get a number of people who share your blog post on the various social media networks. Are you a little worried about your content’s social media sharing? Do you think your […]

Why You Don’t Have to Be an Expert To Start A Blog

Professional bloggers come from all walks of life and have various levels of expertise. However, many aspiring bloggers think they need to have complete mastery over a subject matter before attempting to blog about it. That is simply not true. Here are some reasons why passion for a topic will help you prevail as a […]

Why You Should Never Pay Month-To-Month for Blog Hosting

When you buy a new car, your insurance agent gives you the option to either pay your premium in monthly installments or to cut your costs by paying for six months or longer in advance. BlogPress offers a similar money-saving opportunity, but many consumers fail to see the advantages. If you’re considering paying month-to-month for […]

7 Things You Get Wrong About Clickable Headlines

You read the blogs on how to write headlines that will make readers click. You took their advice to heart but somehow didn’t get it quite right. Writing headlines is a tricky business and it’s really easy to go astray. Here are some possible things you’re doing wrong in your headlines: 1. You Used Clickbait It’s […]

Writing Must Haves for Bloggers and Writers That You May Not Have Heard Of…

With the coming of the digital age, writing an online content has never been so convenient and made more efficient. Whether you are a blogger or a  newbie writer who is starting to have a career in this field or an established writer who wants to gain more followers online, using tools and apps would […]

How To Write An Irresistible Guest Post

Whether you have a book, a website or any other product to promote, writing guest posts is one of the best ways to get your project in front of a broad (or niche) audience. Many popular blogs and known brands have gotten off the ground, improved customer relations and created a community around their product […]

How to Write Content that Will Boost Your PageRank

Nearly every website owner strives for high PageRank (PR). Search engine algorithms are becoming more and more complex while competition is constantly growing. If you’re interested in online success, knowing how to write blog content that will boost your PR is essential. Follow the guidelines below with all of your web content to start seeing an […]

Interested in Blogging? Here Is How to Get Started

Congratulations! You are joining one of the biggest digital communities of the 21st century – you have decided to become a blogger. Now the biggest question is, “How to get started?” There are countless considerations to make, but you have to start somewhere; so let’s take a look at some of the most important areas […]

7 Excellent Blogging Niches

A niche describes the type of content that appears on a blog’s pages and defines its tone and purpose. Some niches, such as law or finance, feature a wide range of content. Others, like snowboarding or art supplies, attract a much narrower audience. Finding a healthy balance between specificity and appeal sometimes frustrates new bloggers. […]

3 Quick Tips To Start A Blog The RIGHT Way

Starting a new blog is an adventure for everyone who does it. You never really know what is going to happen next, how much traffic you’ll have tomorrow, or any number of things. But experienced bloggers know a thing or two about what they should have done in the beginning. Take their advice. 3 Tips To […]