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The Most Discussed Issues on Facebook and Instagram in June [Infographic]

Facebook has released the latest version of its ‘Hot Topics’ report, which looks at the most discussed issues across The Social Network in June. Social Media Today RSS

A 4-Step Process for Building Your Instagram Presence

Here’s a four stage process for building an Instagram following, from creating a profile to gaining more followers to posting.  Social Media Today RSS

10 Things You Can Easily Do Today to Speed up Your WordPress Site [Video]

In a new video, AJ Ghergich goes over how to boost the performance of your WordPress site. Social Media Today RSS

5 Facebook Updates and Tests Spotted This Week

Here are five new Facebook tests and updates spotted ‘in the wild’ this week. Social Media Today RSS

The Rise of Account Based Marketing through AI [Podcast]

In a new Social Business Engine podcast, Bernie Borges speaks with Nate Skinner, Vice President of Product Marketing at Salesforce. Social Media Today RSS

26 Common SEO Mistakes That Are Killing Your Website [Infographic]

This infographic looks at some of the most common SEO mistakes people make on their websites.  Social Media Today RSS

The Importance of Email Typography [Infographic]

A key consideration of your email marketing process is the typography and presentation of your messaging. Social Media Today RSS

7 Tips to Help Improve Your Marketing Copy

Here are some key tips to help improve your content creation process. Social Media Today RSS

The Key to Social Media Success is Authenticity. Always.

Do the work, deliver the goods, and earn the right to ask someone to become a customer. Social Media Today RSS

How Your Business Can Take Advantage of LinkedIn’s New Lead Gen Forms

LinkedIn’s new lead gen forms offer great opportunity for those looking to boost their content marketing efforts.  Social Media Today RSS